1. Regulation

BLACHERE ILLUMINATION take action to ensure the propection of personal data which are owned or processed by us, as part of our relationship with the user, in accordance with the European new GDPR regulation.

BLACHERE ILLUMINATION limits the collect of personal informations for our data-processing, and no more.

BLACHERE ILLUMINATION has defined technical actions to potect the user’s data in an appropriate way among their type, the process they follow and their access.

The respect of the security and protection of user’s data is required for all the BLACHERE staff, employees and suppliers.

BLACHERE ILUMINATION is likely to develop its data-protection policy which applies from 25th of May 2018.



2. Type of data :

The collect of data by BLACHERE ILLUMINATION is used to be necessary to take care of the customer’s request.

By the way, BLACHERE ILLUMINATION is likely to collect from the user the following data :

-        Identification data (particularly first and last name, client code) ;

-        Contact data (particularly adress, email) ;

-        Using data (particularly visited webpages) ;

-        Connection data (particularly IP adress of user’s device, log of connection and use) ;

-        Financial data (particularly payment historical) ;

-        Sales data (particularly bought and quoted products) ;

-        Location data (particularly GPS data) ;

-        Contents data


The user has to give real and updated informations. He has to inform promptly BLACHERE ILLUMINATION about any significant change.



3. Data-processing :

The user’s personal data are collected and processed only in accordance with the legal bases required by the GDPR regulation :


1. In case of on-line selling :

-                management of the customer account ;

-                Authentication of the customer or the user ;

-                Communication with the customer (technical and sales support) ;

-                Management of banking outstanding payment ;

-                management of rights and requirements of the user about it ;

-                Hosting user’s data


2. In case of lawful interest or based on the user’s agreement :

-                fight against fraud and banking outstaning payment prevention ;

-                Enhancement of customer database ;

-                Located contents providing, and personalized suggestions based on the IA analysis ;

-                Commercial prospecting.


3. To make sure of the regulatory requirements of BLACHERE ILLUMINATION as defined by the rules in force.


4. Time of data retention :

BLACHERE ILLUMINATION keeps the user data only during the needed time to perform the aims described above, or to answer the legal obligations.

The personal data used to be explored for commercial purposes can be stored for a maximum of 3 years after the end of the commercial relationship.


5. End-users of the data :

The user’s personal data may be processed by authorized staff from BLACHERE ILLUMINATION Company, its partners or suppliers.

If these end-users are supposed to process the user data outside the European Union, the flows are processed in accordance with the GDPR regulation.



6. Commercial prospection

BLACHERE ILLUMINATION may use, directly or indirectly, itself or by supliers or partners, the personal data when making commercial prospection (phoning, mail or email).

After pre-consent of the user, BLACHERE ILLUMINATION may use and communicate these data to partners ans suppliers in a commercial and marketing way, by SMS, MMS or emails.

The user can object at any time, by sending an email to



7. User’s rights :

The user can ask t any time to access his personal data, correct or delete them, as soon as the commercial relationship or the legal obligations of BLACHERE ILLUMINATION are not compromised.

The user can correct or remove at any time the pre-consents he gave to BLACHERE ILLUMINATION about the processing of his data.

He can object a data-processing used by BLACHERE ILLUMINATION in accordance with GDPR regulation.

The personal data can be stored or deleted after the user’s death, in accordance with the GDPR regulation. The user has a right to give instructions BLACHERE ILLUMINATION to communicate these data to an other person named by him.


The user can use his rights at any time by requesting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at


The user can also send a postmail to :



A l’attention du Délégué à la Protection des Données

Zone industrielle des Bourguignons

84400 APT


The user can also get in touch with the French National Freedom and IT Commission at :

CNIL – 3 place de Fontenoy – TSA 80715 – 75334 Paris cedex 07